Hit the start button and enjoy the roll! Press keys 0-9 to select which ball to follow. Races last about 60s. Balls spawn at random times within the first 10s of a race.


One day, a bunch of balls saw a winding halfpipe and the following conversation ensued:

  • RED: "Grrrr! I'm seeing red! I bet I can roll to the end the fastest!"
  • BLUE: "I know I won't... I'm so blue today..."
  • ORANGE: "Yo, YELLOW, you too chicken to race??"
  • VIOLET: "I'll crush you all because I am the best!"
  • INDIGO: "Chill! It's all just a bit of fun, no need to be so aggressive and competitive. Just enjoy the journey!"
  • Meanwhile, GREEN had RATHER UNFAIRLY already started the race!
  • BLACK fell into the void, screaming.

To do

  • More interesting and varied tracks
  • Different environments and background settings
  • Textures on the track / balls
  • Shadows
  • Obstacles
  • Multiplayer

Game License

MIT or Apache-2.0

Source Repository

Plugins used

  • bevy_rapier3d
  • smooth-bevy-cameras

Assets used

Epic Cinematic Gaming Cyberpunk | RESET by Alex-Productions |

Music promoted by

Creative Commons CC BY 3.0


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bavy-balls-macos-bavy-balls-0.4.0.dmg 15 MB

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